Just so you know, we ain't just "Country".

We can throw down on some good old rock and roll, classics, pop and Mo-Town.

About Dakota

feel the music

Dakota is made up of 5 truly talented fellows that have a flair for entertaining the audience. Each individual brings to the show his own unique style of performing and when they get together, you can only imagine the energy these guy put out. Their diversity in the material done gives Dakota the edge in giving a great performance. They have not disappointed any venue and delivered a show that keeps them booked. See the "comments" page for remarks made by individuals and club owners/managers. 

Our band gets it's name from the Dakota, a tribe of Siouan people who lived in the N and S Dakota region. No detailed etymology of Dakota is widely accepted, but the most common explanation is that it means “friend” or “ally” in the language of the Sioux. This is what we strive to be to everyone we meet.